Home exhibition International Cartoon Exhibition “MANUFAKTURA SATYRY”, Zyrardow, Poland

International Cartoon Exhibition “MANUFAKTURA SATYRY”, Zyrardow, Poland

International Cartoon Exhibition  "MANUFAKTURA SATYRY”, Zyrardow, Poland
International Cartoon Exhibition  “MANUFAKTURA SATYRY”, Zyrardow, Poland

The city of Zyrardow (Poland) organizes for the tenth time the All-Poland Satirical Contest, ,,Satire Manufacture”, whose aim is to popularize the industrial history of Zyrardow.
In addition to the competition (only exhibition), we invite artists from abroad. So far, works have been shown by artists from Azerbaijan, Canada, China, Italy, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey.

Subject: “At first he was … Flax/Linen”
(Zyrardow – the Polish capital of the linen industry, flax cultivation, flax processing and its wide application in industry, linen industry, linen products and the Zyrardow linen factory,
inventions of Philippe de Girard, which revolutionized the linen industry).

We encourage you to visit the website of the City of Żyrardów: www.zyrardow.pl

and the website of the Museum of Western Masovia: www.muzeumzyrardow.pl
More about ,,Satire Manufacture”: https://www.zyrardow.pl/3011,manufaktura-satyry.html

Entries: Send by e-mail:  zbigniewkolaczek@wp.pl

Only works (up to 3) in digital form to send with e-mail will be accepted.

Digital works (A4/A3, 300 dpi, JPEG)

personal information (name, address, e-mail (.doc format)

Deadline: 20. 06. 2019

Exhibition: October 2019, ,,Resursa” Gallery, Zyrardow, Poland

Catalogue: the catalog in PDF format from our website: www.zyrardow.pl
The catalog will contain only works qualified for the exhibition.
best regards,
Zbigniew Kolaczek