Home news Saari Residence 2021 Finland, Call for Artists! | Deadline March 31, 2020

Saari Residence 2021 Finland, Call for Artists! | Deadline March 31, 2020

Saari Residence 2021 Finland, Call for Artists!
Saari Residence 2021 Finland, Call for Artists! (source)
Saari Residence reopens the opportunity for artists to take part in the Saari Residence 2021 program. Open registration takes place from March 1 to March 31, 2020 at 4 pm, Finland Time (Eastern European summer time, GMT +3).

For information, Saari Residence is an international residence in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland. This place is managed by the Kone Foundation based in Helsinki.


The residency registration is for the following year’s residency.

The duration of residency offered to individuals is two months. Artists can choose the period January to February 2021, March to April 2021, September to October 2021 and November to December 2021. The residency for groups is for 1 to 4 weeks. For group residencies taking place during May, June, July and August 2021.

Artists who wish to register can send proposals through ONLINE GRANT SERVICES. Registration documents may not be sent via email or outside online services. Registrants should read the registration guidelines first.



Artists who pass the selection will get individual housing facilities for two months including accommodation, work space, and monthly grants. Grants granted are determined by the applicant’s experience (€ 2,400 / € 2,800 / € 3,500 per month). This grant aims to meet the needs of living expenses, travel costs and other costs. As for the Group can apply for grants and support for travel expenses for a work period of one to four weeks.

Travel support

This program also provides support for slow travel artists. This slow journey refers to avoiding flying and other means of transportation that are not ecologically sustainable. Artists can apply for support for slow travel if coming to Saari Residence from outside Finland and traveling outside Finland when leaving. If the trip takes more than one total week, it is also possible to apply for a work grant for the trip.


Aprtemen Saari Residence is equipped with kitchen or kitchenette facilities with basic facilities. There is also one building as a shared kitchen. Each person will be facilitated by their own apartment, including shower and toilet en suite. Meanwhile, the Group will get more solid accommodation and often share apartments.


Artists will get facilitation in the form of a representative workspace. Saari Residence has a variety of work spaces for various artistic practices. Available buildings include a dance studio, three studios for visual artists, sewing machines, and a wood shop. The workspace for literary works is in the apartment. This residence does not have dark rooms, media rooms or equipment for printing, pottery, drawing or textile work. Artists can also apply for residency according to their work plans. For groups that work during the summer months can work in outdoor buildings that are not heated. Residents do not have to share work space with others.

Peaceful work environment

Saari Residence is a quiet rural environment. Surrounding it is nature, it is located on the coast of Mynälahti, 30 km north of Turku. This environment is very supportive for artists to be productive and focus on the work that has been planned. In the final period of residency there are no shows or exhibitions. Because, Saari Residence is not intended to hold exhibitions or performances.

Opportunity to meet other artists

The Saari Residence program gives artists the opportunity to interact with one another. Because, Saari Residence is a meeting place for artists and researchers. The individual residency lasted for two months, with seven participants from different fields of art and a researcher working on the Kone Foundation grant living. That gives artists the opportunity to interact across borders.


Saari Residence program applicants are individual professional artists, fiction writers, poets, novelists, translators, curators and critics, and artistic collectives (work groups or organizations established with business IDs, minimum group size is 3 people) from all disciplines and all nationalities for the purpose of implementing the project proposal presented earlier. Individual residences must be applied with work partners in a joint application.

Saari Residence emphasizes artists whose work is rejuvenating and topical, as well as new art forms. For each residency period, our goal is to choose Finnish and international artists, with representatives from several different art disciplines and career stages.


Registrants should read the guidelines on how to register on the site.

Enquiries about the Saari Residence and the application process:
Residency Coordinator Pirre Naukkarinen, PIRRE.NAUKKARINEN@KONEENSAATIO.FI, tel. +358 44 031 4201

Enquiries about the Saari Residence:
Executive Director Leena Kela, LEENA.KELA@KONEENSAATIO.FI, tel. +358 40 732 3628