Home cartoon Spend the Night on a Rubbish Cliff

Spend the Night on a Rubbish Cliff

Spend the Night on a Rubbish Cliff
Editorial Cartoon “Spend the Night on a Rubbish Cliff” by Abdul Arif

GOLDPENCIL.ID– Garbage has become a common problem. In big cities, garbage piles up to form hills. If not managed properly, it will become a problem for human life.

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Abdul Arif
Abdul Arif started drawing cartoons in 2010. At that time he joined SKM Amanat as an illustrator. A media managed by IAIN Walisongo Semarang students. Arif is currently working as Chairman of the Indonesian Gold Pencil Foundation (Gold Pencil). Contributing to a number of mass media. He also actively participates in international cartoon contests and exhibitions. The awards that have been won include: Excellence Award The International Environmental Protection Comics & Illustrator Contest 2017, China, First Prize The 5th Kalder Bursa International Cartoon Competition and Honorable Mentions The 6th Sejong International Cartoon Contest, Korea 2017.