Home contest The Best Cartoons of Nippon 2020 | Deadline August 21, 2020

The Best Cartoons of Nippon 2020 | Deadline August 21, 2020

The Best Cartoons of Nippon 2020
The Best Cartoons of Nippon 2020

Invitation to Participate in The Best Cartoons of Nippon 2020

Dear Sir or Madame,

We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the new coronavirus and those affected by their daily lives due to the spread of the infection.
Saitama City has long been committed to highlighting the accomplishments of Rakuten Kitazawa, a pioneer in the field of modern Japanese cartoon who spent his later years in Saitama, and to advocating and promoting “MANGA” (means cartoon) as a form of cultural expression known around the world.

This year marks 30th The Best Cartoons of Nippon with warm and continued patronage from domestic and international cartoonists and comic artists. We sincerely thank you for joining our events.

Please find attached information regarding this year’s event. We hope to have even more participants in this year’s festival than in the past. Although it is difficult to offer an honorarium for your work(s), we will send an A4-sized soft-cover catalogue (about 100 pages) in lieu of any monetary compensation.

The theme for this year is “KAIKAKU”, means “innovation”. In recent years, various changes have occurred around us. Innovation has been made not only in working styles such as labor saving and unmanned, and cashless payments, but also in areas such as learning, sports and leisure with the technology constantly advancing and evolving such as through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet. What is innovation to you? Create an artwork to express your idea of innovation.

If you accept our invitation, please send your work(s) and designated personal history form. Those applications must arrive us no later than August 21,2020 (Friday).

As a project related to the festival, “Heno Heno Moheji Exhibition” also will be held. If you can see the attached detailed information, if you can approve, please send your work and contract by August 21,2020 (Friday).

We are looking forward to appreciating your work(s), and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
Hideaki Ando, Director
PLAZA NORTH, Saitama City

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