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Colonel Sander (KFC)

Colonel Sander (KFC) by Edi Dahrma
Caricature “Colonel Sander (KFC)” by Edi Dahrma

GOLDPENCIL.ID – Colonel Sander’s business is the largest food  company in the world, but the fact is that there are still people who can’t get it….Whats’s wrong ?

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Edi Dharma
Edi Dharma is a cartoonist from Jambi. His works adorn TVRI's screen. Not only that, he is also actively participating in international cartoon exhibitions and contests. The awards he has won include 3rd Place Cartoon Contest in Rossem Klantan Cartoon Hall, Malaysia 2019 and 2nd Place Cartoon Contest Olive Oil Zaytin Festival Cyprus 2019. Edi is currently part of the Gold Pencil Cartoon Community and is a representative in Jambi.