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The 6th International Resistance Art Festival: Poster Section


The 6th International Resistance Art Festival: Poster Section

International Art Festival of Resistance, Call for Cartoon Section | Deadline 5th of December 2020
International Art Festival of Resistance, Call for Poster Section | Deadline 10th of January 2021

Email: festival.resistart@gmail.com

In the year that passed, contemporary man has passed two great tests, and he took a big step in his humanity. First, the loss of the great face of endurance in the world, who in the eyes of different nations and religions, was a man of honest struggle, with irrational and deceptive filth and crime and violence. As much as Takfir, murder and arrogance seemed dark in the eyes of the people of this decade, Qassem Soleimani was the bright and hopeful point of it. Undoubtedly, he can be called the general of human salvation. The one who did not differentiate between human beings and for whom religion, gender, class and nationality did not matter. A very small example that made the great savior of humanity that everyone is waiting for even more believable.

His martyrdom was a heat that will keep the flame of resistance for justice alive and burning in the hearts of nobles. Another human test is to fight the disease caused by the coronavirus. An enemy for whom he also does not care about nationality, gender, religion or class. Man had the opportunity to express his essence in confronting and resisting this disease and helping their fellow human beings. And to show manifestations of his humanity. Now, on the occasion of the poster section of the Sixth Resistance Festival, let us, with this medium and this universal language, namely graphics, narrate the two tests of our time for man and the world and leave them as a memory for the future.


Achieving justice with resistance and compassion

  • The ideal of Quds and the establishment of justice in Palestine is an indicator of the sincerity of Islamic movements and human rights.
  • The use of the main enemy (global arrogance) from the sub-enemy (Takfiri Front) to spread oppression and exploitation in the region.
  • People’s struggle is the only way to overcome the enemy (inefficiency of the enemy’s fake peace projects).
  • The difference between the two models of struggle: Takfiri violence and anti-Muslimism, and the anti-arrogance compassion and justice of the Resistance Front.
  • The enemy’s attempt to make all jihadi models look the same and confront the resistance under the guise of eliminating violence.

Soleimani, Martyr of Global Justice

  • Soleimani is a symbol of the front against oppression and the reclamation of the rights of the oppressed in the region and the world
  • Soleimani’s martyrdom is a manifestation of the arrogant hatred of justice and the independence of nations.
  • Soleimani’s assassins, aggressive and exploitative politicians
  • Soleimani’s martyrdom and inspiration to the resistance front in the region and the world
  • Solidarity of anti-arrogance heroes, from West Asia to South America

National and global resistance to coronavirus

  • Coronavirus, the opportunity for public responsibility to establish social justice
  • People’s empathy, the cure for Corona’s economic disaster
  • The epic aspect of the martyr’s scarification in fighting against Coronavirus.
  • Corona and the opportunity to reveal the nature of the countries claiming civilization

Special section of motion graphics

In the poster section, each artist can personally or with the help of a team, turn their poster into a motion graphic of up to 100 seconds.
Adding and generating new images for motion plans is unimpeded. But the originality of the idea and its image must be the same as the poster.


Holding a virtual workshop with the help of expert instructors, for those interested all over the country.

The event is in several stages, including virtual content circles, Ideation sessions, and workshops of performances and graphic design, compose a slogan and turn it into motion graphics and will run over a period of 45 days.

Those interested should register at kargah.postermovement.com, and send a sample of their works and select a tutor as their supervisor.Registration in this system is only to participate in events and get guidance to produce the work. The owners of the work must register and send the work independently at www.resistart.ir in order to participate in the call.

Terms and conditions of sending the work:

– Artists should submit their work by visiting the address www.resistart.ir and selecting the option to send the work while completing the registration info.
– Each artist can submit a maximum of 5 works or a series of 5 works.
– Works must be manufactured and be the maximum product of the current year.

– It is better to present the works in the following two formats:

– Poster with dimensions of 50 by 70 cm, resolution 300 / jpg and quality higher than 9
– City screen with dimensions of 1000 by 300 cm (horizontal) and resolution of 300 / jpg and with a quality of over 9

– Motion graphics should be in dimensions of 1920 by 1080 pixels and be sent in MP4 format.
– The maximum time of each motion graphic should be 100 seconds.

Files should be named as follows: Mohammad-Nazari-Poster-1 or Mohammad-Nazari-Motion-1 of 5

Sending posters alone will also be accepted.

The Secretariat of thee international Art festival of resistance, according to the capabilities of each work, is allowed to use it to produce an art work.

The secretariat has the right to use the selected works in exhibitions, books, urban and virtual screenings, etc.

The material and intellectual property of the works must belong to the artist and if it is found previous screening or the owner is found, the artist will be excluded from the competition.

Participating and submitting a work in the call constitutes acceptance of its rules.

Movie and animation section (motion graphics):

-The size and format of the files submitted in this section are in mp4 format and HD quality.

-Files must be less than 100 seconds long.

-The point of view in the form and structure of the works can be varied and chosen by the artist. Formats such as short films from the time of making or producing the work, films from performing images in the form of environmental arts, motion graphics, etc.

-Movies must have sound. For example, it is recommended to use narration or sound effects or music.

-Works can be performed in groups or individually.

-The festival secretariat has the right to use the works in print and electronic media, information, cultural advertisements and shows inside and outside the country, by mentioning the artist’s name.

-All participants whose works are selected in the final round will be given a certificate of participation in the festival.

Members of the poster section at the festival:

The secretary of poster section: Mohammadreza Miri
Jury Members: MohammadHossein Niroumand, Mohammadreza DoustMohammadi. A foreign referee
Events Secretary: Mojtaba Majlesi

Festival calendar of the poster section:
Call announcement, 5th of September 2020

Deadline for registration and submission of images of works, 10th of January 2021
Selection and judging in January 2021

Announcement of results and screening of works in February 2021


Foreign winners will be awarded the equivalent of the announced amount of exquisite works of Iranian handicrafts

Contact the Secretariat:
Adress: No.16- 4th floor- Ahmad Qasir St- Tehran.
Telephone: 88741422-021

Email: festival.resistart@gmail.com
Website: www.resistart.ir