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goldpencil.id is an online cartoon magazine and gallery published by the Indonesian Gold Pencil Foundation. Presenting social and political criticism in the form of humorous and tickling parodies.

About Gold Pencil Foudation

The cartoon exhibition of Jitet and Friends which was held on 26-27 August 2017 becomes a turning point for the development of cartoon art in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. The exhibition that took place in Candirejo, Borobudur Magelang existed Gold Pencil, which is given by Semarang senior cartoonists, Jitet Kustana, Suratno and young cartoonist Abdul Arif.

The Jitet and Friends exhibited world’s top cartoonists and secondary students who participated in the Jitet and Suratno cartoon class. They have only been trained for a few months. Nevertheless, they have demonstrated its quality by appearing as finalists in a number of international cartoon contests. Even, some of them were as champions, such as Rahma Sekar who won the contest of FaceMi Humor Cartoon Exhibition 2017, Shanghai, China with the title of Bronze Prize.

Eventually, it makes the cartoonists want to more seriously develop cartoon art in Semarang. Previously, the development of cartoon art was limited by the community. Is During this time, caderisation of cartoonist has not been fully considered. In fact, the city of Semarang has been predicated as the cartoon capital of Indonesia.

Jitet along with some cartoonists of Semarang, eagerly want to develop a more directional cartoonist pattern. He hopes Gold Pencil can answer the problems encountered during this time.

“Gold Pencil is the answer to our anxiety in developing cartoon art for the time being,” says Jitet.

Jitet aspires, through Gold Pencil, he wants to contribute to create new cartoonists in Semarang who can color the world art stage.

For a year, the activities on Gold Pencil run community-based. April 21, 2018 Gold Pencil officially has a legal entity with the name Gold Pencil Foundation (Yayasan Pensil Emas Indonesia). Since then Jitet and a number of cartoonists in Semarang have been more stable in increasing a number of cartoon development programs.

Cartoons School

As the institution engages in cartoon development and study, Gold Pencil is more focused on education. Head of Gold Pencil Foundation, Abdul Arif said, Gold Pencil has three educational and cartoon training programs, which are cartoon extracurricular, cartoon School, and Semarang Cartoon Camp (SCC).

“For extracurricular, we cooperate with some schools to open cartoon classes outside school hours,” said Arif.
Arif also said that until now, there are two schools that cooperate with Gold Pencil, namely SD IT Bunayya Semarang and SMP IT PAPB Semarang. He hopes more school will join in the future.

Meanwhile, the cartoon school was designed in a short education form. This school was opened for junior High school and high school students. First class opened on Sunday, December 16, 2018 at Nakula Street II No 5, Pendrikan Kidul, City of Semarang.

The Gold Pencil School Manager, Adi Prehanto, said there were six students who participated in the inaugural Cartoon School Program. They are Edo Julius A (Junior high School 17 Semarang), Kamilah Nariswari Pasaribu (SMP Islam Hidayatullah Semarang), Ardhika Putra (SMK Negeri 4 Semarang), Arnawa Ugra Wicaksana (SMA Negeri 11 Semarang), Helen Purnama Lee (SMA Sedes Sapientie) and Noor Aisha Laksmi Avatari (secondary school).

“Students learnt cartoon art for five months,” said Adi.

Adi said, there were five cartoonists who became tutors in the school. They were Jitet Kustana, Suratno, Djoko Susilo, Danny Yustiniadi, Abdul Arif and Dias Safira Salsabila.

During the five months, Adi said, students would learn about some aspects, like character creation, drawing techniques, coloring techniques, and idea development.

“We also encourage students to participate in international cartoon exhibitions and contests,” said Adi.

Still according to Arif, another education program is called Semarang Cartoon Camp. It is an annual program that is open for students and the public. “This Program is followed by college students who want to learn cartoons. As well as a Gold Pencil membership recruitment event, ” said Arif.

International Cartoon Exhibition

In addition, opening cartoon classes, Gold Pencil is also active in organizing exhibitions and international cartoon contests. Until now, Gold Pencil already held a number of international events, such as International Tobacco Cartoon Exhibition 2017, World Book Day Cartoon Exhibition 2018, and PAPB International Cartoon Festival 2019.

“A cartoon exhibition as an effort to take care of the cartoon art to keep it exist,” said Arif.

Although there had been several events done, Gold Pencil does not have an international event held regularly. Arif said, there are still many obstacles faced when deploying cartoon art events. The main obstacle faced is the funding issue. He hopes, there are many funding that also supports the activities of cartoon art.

“We always open ourselves to anyone who has the same cartoonist friends, especially for the campaign in goodness, “he said.

New Member of FECO

Last January 2019, the founder of Gold Pencil was invited for a cartoon exhibition at the European Cartoon Center (ECC) Kruishoutem, Belgium. In addition to exhibiting, Jitet was also a jury in The series of Euro Kartoenale cartoon contest with The theme “The Wall”. In the exhibition Jitet met the president of the Federation of Cartoonists Organisations (FECO), Peter Nieuwendijk who was also as a jury. The meeting then gives oppotunity for Gold Pencil to join as new member of FECO.

In the magazine FECONEWS Edition 66 in June 2019, FECO officially announced Gold Pencil as a new member of FECO with Jitet Kustana as president of FECO Group Indonesia.

“FECO is association of world cartoonists Comunication. It’s an opportunity for cartoonists to get along with other world cartoonists who are as experts from their country, “said Jitet.

By joining FECO, Jitet hopes that cartoons art in Indonesia are growing better.

Gold Pencil Manager

Advisor: Jitet Kustana (Founder)

Supervisor: Suratno

Chairman: Abdul Arif

Secretary: Darsono

Treasurer: Partono

Division of Exhibition: Sardi AF, Kustiono , Bagaskara, Imam Sahri
Division of Education: Sri Mulyono, Danny Yustiniadi, Aji Mei, Dias Safira Salsabilla
Division of Creative: Sukriyadi Sukartoen, Sugianto, Djoko Susilo
Division of Communication: Vedyana Ardyansah, Rahma Sekar, Fajrul Isbah, Hannani Trishima Anjani
Division of Fundraising: Adi Prehanto, Agust Crish
Division of Multimedia and Publication: Yuli Triyono, Ossama Dhani, Ugra Wicaksana
Representative of Bali: Harsanta
Representative of Jambi: Edi Dharma
Representative of Magelang: Anank Jatmiko
Representative of Tangerang: Yol Yulianto
Representative of Bogor: Yonk Suikhiong
Representative of Demak: Agus Eko Santoso
Representative of Kendal: Tevi Hanafi
Representative of Kudus: Eswadi
Representative of Yogyakarta: Yusni
Representative of Makassar: Faizal Ua